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The Paxton Conundrum, part nineteen!

Sorry I missed yesterday! Here is your serving of Paxton for the weekend; I'll be back with part twenty on Monday!

Cornered in the hospital! The only person who might know the whereabouts of your thought-dead sister is slung unconscious over your shoulder! Hospital security is on the way, and the cops are not far behind! And the cops ... are out for blood.


You make a break to the left, towards the visitor parking lot. You figure the ambulance bay will be crowded, possibly with more security. Down just leads to the basement, and up to the roof. There might be a Medivac chopper on the roof, but you've had enough helicopters for one day.

What you need is a car.

You hear shouting behind you, a call to stop. You resist the urge to turn around; after all, you know what you'd see. Security has no doubt arrived, and are no doubt this very moment giving chase. You try and run faster, but Bradley's weight is slowing you down, and making you awkward, as well. You don't so much run down the hall as stagger.

You make it to the automatic doors at the end of the hall, though, and burst out into the sunlight, blinking. It's late afternoon and the sun is low in the west, but still high enough to make you squint.

Then you spot exactly what you need.

There's a man in his thirties a few feet away, pulling his silver BMW up into the white loading zone. Either he doesn't realize he's not allowed to park there or he doesn't care, because he stops the car, kills the engine, and starts for the automatic doors, tossing his keys in the air and whistling to himself.

You put your head down and charge.

He doesn't see you until it's too late. Your head smashes into his belly, and the combined weight on you and Bradley sends all three of you tumbling to the ground. Bradley rolls limply away, the BMW guy starts to lift his head, dazed, and you have managed to pull yourself up into a crouch. You see Mr. BMW starting to get up, so you punch him, hard, and he does down. His head makes a sound like an egg cracking when it hits the sidewalk, but there's no blood.

His keys are laying a few feet away. You scoop them up and look around for Bradley. He's blinking, shaking his head. He looks confused. "What ...?"

"No time," you say, pulling him to his feet as the automatic doors slide open again. Two men dressed in hospital security uniforms run out and point towards you. "Get in the car!"

You unlock it with a touch on the keypad you've taken from the unconscious man. Bradley staggers around to the passenger side door as you're strapping yourself in on the driver's side. You lock the doors scant seconds before the security guards reach the car and start pounding on the window.

You start the car. It comes to life with an almost sensual purr.

"You buckled in?" You glance at Bradley. He nods.

"All right then." You shift into first gear.

The security guards scatter as you burn rubber.

This poll is closed.

Where to?

Back to the park, to retrieve the gun. Surely the cops must be gone by now!
To your apartment, to get some things and plan your next move.
The sports supply store, for weapons. You're gonna need major hardware to protect yourself.
Just get the fuck outta town! Worry about the details later!



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May. 22nd, 2011 11:22 pm (UTC)
The sports supply store, for weapons.

Matthew, this is not the zombie apocalypse.
May. 23rd, 2011 12:11 am (UTC)
You killed a bunch of cops! Every cop in Portland is gonna want your head on a spike! Weapons would not be a bad idea! ;)
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